Multipurpose compost

A blend of selected Somerset sedge peat and organic compost with the addition of balanced plant nutrients. This reduced peat compost helps conserve our scarce natural resources while optimising plant growth at all stages of the life cycle.

Peat free multipurpose compost

Produced entirely from recycled organic materials produced in the UK, with addition of a balanced fertilizer which will support the enhance plant growth at all stages.

Ericaceous compost

Made from finest Somerset peat with added perlite and balanced fertilizer. This product has the correct level of acidity to allow lime hating plants to flourish.

Mushroom compost

Is produced from wheat straw and horse manure with added gypsum. It is steam sterilised before collection from the mushroom farm so will not introduce any weeds or pests into your garden. Although already used from the cultivation of mushrooms the product still contains high levels of nitrogen, potash and other essential minerals. Greatly valued for improving heavy clay soils and for adding humus to thin sandy and chalky soils.

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Horse manure

Woodland horse manure is produced from shredded, well composted stable litter. It is one of the oldest and most effective soil fertilisers known to man and is much sought after as an increasing number of gardeners wish avoid the use of chemical fertilisers.

Prior to packaging this is thoroughly composted to dissipate excess nitrogen, eliminate weed seeds and to reduce odour levels.