The following is a selection of our most popular decorative stones and sands. However, we have many more varieties and sizes in stock.

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silver grey granite trueturf

Silver grey granite

This attractive gravel is a light silver grey colour when dry and a darker silver grey colour‚ with more prominent black speckles‚ when wet. Naturally angular in shape and extremely hard wearing.

grey green granite aggregates

Grey Green Granite

Granite chippings are grey in colour when dry‚ and a dark green/grey colour when wet. Naturally angular in appearance.

flint gravel from trueturf

Flint Gravel

Flint Gravel is brown‚ grey and white in colour and is naturally angular in shape.

gold flint gravel aggregates

Golden Flint Gravel

Golden Flint Gravel is naturally angular and hard wearing. Golden brown in colour; this attractive gravel proves popular for use for drive ways.

plum slate aggregates stone

Plum Slate

Plum Slate Shale is naturally flat and angular in shape‚ therefore provides a neat finish to the area in use. As the name suggests‚ these slate chippings are plum in colour and they look stunning both dry and wet.

blue slate trueturf

Blue Slate

Blue Slate Shale is naturally flat and angular in shape, therefore provides a neat finish to the area in use. Heather Blue in colour, these slate chippings look stunning both dry and wet.

Icelandic pebbles decorative stone

Icelandic Pebbles

These volcanic pebbles are relatively young in a geological sense and are now available at CED Stone Group. Comprising of a subtle mix of blues, greys, black, silver and browns, these Icelandic Pebbles are sure to complement almost any design.

With subtle tones when dry, the colours significantly intensify when wet, with obvious hues of black visible. Our Icelandic Pebbles are round and smooth in shape and are available in a variety of sizes.

scottish beach cobbles trueturf

Scottish Beach Cobbles

The smoothest and most round natural cobble in the UK and a product of international quality. Formed by the tidal reworking of a glacial river deposit‚ now a ‘raised beach’.

When dry, Scottish Beach cobbles are predominantly light greys with hints of pink and other hues but when wet, these multi-pastel tints‚ often speckled or banded‚ are accentuated.

grey limestone

Grey Limestone

Grey Limestone Aggregate is naturally angular in shape and has blends of medium to dark greys in colour.

golden quatzite from trueturf

Golden Quartzite

Golden Quartzite Aggregate is a light yellow and gold colour when dry‚ and more richly coloured when wet.