ballast aggregates trueturf


A mixture of Sharp Sand and 20mm gravel for use in standard concrete mixes. Widely used in construction and domestic applications. 20mm Ballast is not suitable for drainage due to its high fines content.

sharp sand trueturf

Sharp sand

Sourced from sand & gravel pits and wharves and generally varying in colour from yellow to brown dependent on the source of supply.

Nominally 0-4mm in size.

building yellow sand trueturf

Building sand

Also known as soft sand due to its fine rounded particles and clay content of 10% or higher. Typical use is for the production of mortar for bricklaying and block work. These sands are supplied from various sources and care should be taken in matching existing colours.

shingle stone aggregates building stone trueturf

Pea shingle 10mm

A decorative variation of the above containing less angular material due to not having been processed through crushing.

building aggregates decorative stone trueturf

Shingle 20mm

An effective driveway gravel also used for footpaths, pipe bedding, drainage, planting borders, hard landscaping and as a low maintenance alternative to grass. It can also vary in colour and shape dependent on source.

crushed concrete aggregates from trueturf

Type 1 Crushed Concrete

Crushed, screened hardcore material graded down from approximately 63mm down to dust.

limestone aggregates

Type 1 Limestone

This is a granular material approximate size of 40mm, graded down to dust.Type 1 must be of a crushed nature to provide a stable sub-base for road surfaces and pathways. The mixture of solids and fines ensures minimal voids in the sub-base material when compacted, giving a strong load bearing layer with a suitably flat surface.

6F5 gravel stone aggregates building stone trueturf

6F5 (Formerly 6F2)

Crushed concrete graded material from approximately 125mm down to dust. Typically used for capping sub formations prior to laying Type 1 or Type 2 sub-base.